Grief And What It Does.

The loss of a loved one can be devastating. For many of us losing a partner or a loved one represents not only the loss of them but of ourselves. We shared a life and a huge bond with them and now they are gone.  This now makes us question Who Am I Now?   Life as we knew it no longer exists and our world has been turned upside down.  Some may have been in marriages and relationships for many years and knew the role we played. Only now we don't know where to begin. Where do I begin?  Will I even survive this?  Who am I now?  All normal questions we ask ourselves in this journey of Grief.

Do You Find That There Is No Meaning or Purpose To Your Life?  
Do You Feel That You Are Just Existing ?  Well, I Am Here To Tell You That Your Life Does Not Have To Be This Way. There Is A Way To A Better Life!  





         Discover Your  Greatest Self.


Many of us have been wives, mothers,

caregivers for such a long time. We have done amazing things. From giving life to caring for a loved one until their last breath on this earth.


        But Now What?     Who Are We Now? 


I believe that in order to survive this experience We must connect with Who we are Now. For many of us the person we were before our loved ones died is no longer there that person may not be one that suits your life right now. 

We must Rediscover and Reinvent our lives. Let me take you on an exploration trip to Finding Yourself Again!     

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