What is a Life Coach?  What are my Credentials?


First let me begin by saying I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Spiritual Coach.  My certifications are from World Coach Institute. They are a school which is accredited by (ICF) International Coaching Federation.  I am not a counselor or a therapist.  I have also attended seminars in Grief along with also being a widow myself.   


What is the difference between a Therapist and a Grief Coach?


There are some differences between a Therapist and a Life/Grief Coach. Coaching is concentrated in the Present and the Future.  It is proactive and it is used to bring out your realizations of the life you want to live Now. It is about achieving your goals and accountability. Your goals will be specific, you will be accountable for them and they will be done in a timely manner.   As your Grief Coach, I will explore on past events in your life including the death of your loved one.  The events in your life will be taken into account, but we will mostly concentrate on the future and the new life that you want to create for yourself now.   I will listen to you, I will ask you questions and I will help you find your true purpose in this life. A Grief or Life Coach does not tell the client what is best for him/her, instead the Coach works with the client in helping they themselves find out what they want to achieve in their life.


One of the biggest joy for a Coach is to see their client have a "light bulb" moment when they have figured out what they want for themselves and now know that they have the capacity to move forward and create the life they dreamed of.  One of the advantages of having a Grief coach is that I not only listen to you as a friend would but I am your Coach and I will be your biggest cheerleader and also hold you accountable when the goals you have set out for yourself are not meet.  Coaches and Clients work in a less structured setting as a team rather than a more formal doctor -patient relationship.


I believe Therapists and Counselors do great work and are helping people every day.  They deal with the past and will help if you suffer from depression, addictions,  and abusive relationships. They help people in overcoming past traumas in their lives, and their consultations are done in a face to face manner in an office setting.  Coaches can work on a face to face basis also, but most of the time coaching is done on a phone session. This setting can be helpful because the client may not feel ashamed or embarrassed during the conversation.  There are many  people today that are currently working with both a Therapist and a Grief Coach.  I believe both can offer a great service to their clients either individually or together.  







How Can A Grief Coach Help Me ?