Grief & Spirituality

The Connection That Helps Us Heal.

I have always been a very spiritual person, but I would have to say that my spirituality grew in bounds and leaps after my husband passed away. I know for a fact that if I did not have my faith in God and my guardian angels by my side to guide me I would not have made it through this very difficult journey.  


I combine Grief coaching with spirituality.  I am not associated with any type of religion..I believe in God and in his son Jesus.  I believe we are all here for a reason and we have all signed up to this school called Earth. Once our souls complete what we came here for we leave and go back home.  I have learned so much about myself since my husband's death.  Now I believe my calling is to help others in this horrific journey.


I believe we are here for Three very simple reasons...


1) To Learn:   We Learn from our good times and bad times.

2) To Teach:    We can Teach others what we learn through our good times and bad times.

3)  To Love:  We are here to love and respect one another.  Treat everyone with respect and love in your heart.  


**For we are all Spiritual beings having a Human experience. **


            God Bless You All,

            Vivienne Rodriguez