Episode 1 - Shock and Denial

Episode 1.  I discuss the "Shock" we all experience after the loss of a loved one. 

Episode 4 - Dec 10, 2012 - Unknown Artist

Episode 4. December 10, 2012.
On a very personal level, I 
discuss the last two days of my husband's life. 

Please join me as I share with you my own personal journey.  I offer you my stories and tools that I have learned along the way. 

Episode 2 - Anger - Unknown Artist

Episode 2. I talk about the "Anger" that comes with Grief. 

Episode 3 - What If's ? - Unknown Artist

Episode 3.  I discuss the "What If's" that goes through our minds after a loss. 

Epoisode 5 - Acceptance

Episode 5.  I talk about "Acceptance". In this journey acceptance is the hardest to obtain yet it can be the most rewarding in helping us move forward with our lives. 

Episode 6 Your Not Good Enough - Unknown Artist

Episode 6 "Your Not Good Enough"  Touches on how we lose our identity after a loss and our self-esteem.  

Episode 7 Widowhood And Dating - Unknown Artist

Episode 7 Widowhood & Dating.  Tips on dating in the 21 Century.  When your ready to start dating again it can be very scary. Here I talk about red flags to be aware of while still maintaining an open heart.