Created For Widows & Widowers By A Widow. 

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Dear Reader,

Welcome to REINVENTION Magazine.  

On December 10, 2012, my life changed forever.  My husband of 31 years died. I was left with no family since both my parents died a couple of years prior and I never had kids.  In trying to find some kind of support I went to my local bookstore to see if I could find books on what it’s like to be a widow at age 48.  After searching the whole store I asked a clerk and she took me to this tiny area and gave me one book on widowhood and left.  I stood there holding that one book in my hand feeling I was the only widow in the world.  My knees grew weak as I held on to the book with both hands and clutched it to my heart and I began to fall slowly to the floor and cried.  I did not care others could see or hear me.   My pain needed to come out.  Eventually, I got up and carried myself to the register and bought the only book I could find on this journey.  

Fast forward to today almost 6 years after the loss of my husband.  And today I continue to go to bookstores and I still find it very difficult to find books on widowhood let alone magazines based on topics related to this journey. Yet, there are over 11 million widows and widowers in the United States and unfortunately, the number continues to grow every day. We are not a small minority anymore. 

Today I am proud to have created a digital magazine called REINVENTION for widows and widowers only. We have all had to Reinvent Our Lives and this is why I choose to call it REINVENTION Magazine... 

Every single article is related to this journey.  Every month you will see a widow or widower on the front cover that gives inspiration to all of us to continue.  

This is not my magazine. It’s all those Widows and Widower out there looking for a place where they have not been forgotten. A place where you can actually read an article and say, YES I can totally relate to this.   This is what REINVENTION Magazine is about!!  We are no longer the forgotten ones.  I invite you to join us every month as this magazine grows! 



Vivienne R Reich