Are You Living An Inspired Life ?

Inspired ? Are you living inspired ? Do you inspire others ?

What exactly does the word Inspire mean ?

Webster's dictionary defines it as: : to make (someone) want to do something : to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create. : to cause (something) to happen or be created.

: to cause someone to have (a feeling or emotion)

It also comes from being In-Spirit..Meaning that when we are connected to our souls purpose we are then living an Inspired life…

So Are You Living a Life inspired ?

Do you want to create a life where you live an inspired life ?

Do you want to be someone that inspires others ?

It may be more simple than you think..The hardest is starting but once you begin in that path you will immediately know and feel your life change before you. To live an inspired life does not mean you have to become the Nobel Peace Prize winner. You can be an inspiration to another person or live with passion and meaning just doing simple things.

Living day to day can really take a toll on us. Some of us stay home and do chores..Others go to work everyday come home eat, shower watch some TV and then repeat all over again. I do understand that sometimes time and energy can be a huge factor in living an Inspired Life.. But my steps will not take a lot of time. You may do some of them in your spare time or weekend.

Here are Four Simple Steps I want to share with you to Begin Living An Inspired Life…

1) Begin by setting an Intention. Time: 5 Minutes Talk to yourself and say to yourself I am tired of living just to live. I am ready to change. I want to live life now. Begin your day with an Intention Prayer: Such as: Today I set out my intention to the universe that I will begin to find my purpose and the reason I came to this world. Amen.

2) Say a Gratitude Prayer: Time: 5 Minutes I totally understand that we all have said this: What do I have to be Grateful for ? But we do.. There is always something that we are blessed with in which we are not noticing.

3) Push the Pause Button: Time: 20 Minutes What I mean by that is silence your world. Turn of your TV set. And just become silent for awhile.This helps you silence your mind and by doing so will bring you closer to finding your soul’s purpose. You can do this exercise anywhere,you can do this in the shower in your car before you leave for home anywhere as long as you are in complete silence.

4) Write into your Daily Journal. Time: 10 Minutes I want you to begin a journal and write at the end of the day two things that you did that made you happy. And two things you would like to do that would make you happy. Then do those on the next day if possible.

5) Serve another person. Time 5 Minutes Find a way to help someone today. It could be as simple as helping someone find the butter in the supermarket. Or helping an older person with their groceries. Anything that you know that at that moment you were being of service to the world.

**Please share with me your thoughts and experiences on this I would love to hear from you**

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