Trust In Your Journey...

Life ... I believe we all choose to come to this school called Earth. We come here for our soul to experience things. Some experiences are good and yet others can bring us to depths we never thought we could go to. But ONE thing is certain...We will ALL experience JOY and PAIN in our lifetime.

The times of Joy in our life are never a time where we question life and our journey..instead we live in that moment of Joy feeling on top of the world..It is in our moments of tragedy, pain and dispair that we question our live's..We question the things we have done..The reasons why terrible things happened...We find no answers in those moments and no comfort in asking the questions of why..The PAIN in our SOUL is so intense that no one or nothing can console it..

Yet it is when the smoke has gone down and the calmness hits our mind that we see each event a little more clearer..Sometimes it may even take several years to truly see how those events shaped your present life today..

Our jouney here on earth has already been predestined..We do make our own choices..but even within those choices our path is still predestin...For there are no RIGHT or WRONG choices in this journey...Only experiences to be had...

The roads we walk on are never easy ones..but it was not meant to be that way...We never walk on that road alone though it may seem that way..We may not be able to see it...At first We may not be able to FEEL it...But if we SURRENDER to our CREATOR as we walk on those difficult roads in life..We will begin to not only FEEL his presense ...But also we will SEE things unfold before us...And He will let you know that YOU are never ALONE in this path...

With each difficult road you may encounter.. Ask What Is It I Am Suppose To Learn From This ? For every experience there will be a lesson..

Be FREE From All Your FEARS....Be FREE From All Your WORRIES..

And Begin To TRUST in your LIFE'S JOURNEY...

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