Tis The Season To Be Jolly ?

The weather has changed. The trees are all bare. Decorations going up everywhere.

The holiday season is among us one more time.

Why should I care about such an event . It is by myself, alone. where my life is spent.

I remember a time with joy in my life. I was not a widow, I was a wife.

So now I live in this world alone. Knowing that you will never return back to our home.

Sometimes I wonder what would you say if you were to open the door and see me crying and feeling this way.

I want to touch you and hold you oh so tight, but I know now you are only energy and light.

As sometimes I stand so very still and I can feel you oh so near. I can feel you standing by my side being my protector, my angel, my guide.

I hear your voice inside my head.

It tells me not to fear life but to move straight ahead.

You comfort me and tell me that you are all right. And that you watch me as I sleep in our bed at night.

I speak back to you with the words in my head. Letting you know that inside my soul is dead.

You answer with a knowledge and wisdom so advance...

And you tell me...

My darling I am here... I am here with you always..Live this life that God has given to you. Let go of your sad feelings and those holiday blues.

Enjoy the sounds of holiday songs, remember the laugher, the joy , and all the things we have done. Every minute you live is precious to me.. You have so much more life to enjoy, so much more love to give. Don't you see ?

One day I will see you again. The doors of heaven will open and there I shall be...

But until that time comes celebrate my life when you think of me.

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