Live, Laugh, and Love Again !

My heart and my love go out to my brothers and sisters in this journey of widowhood. So I am writing this post to share with you my thoughts and views on this journey.

We have all experience love...We have all experience lost...We now understand just how precious life can be. How in an instant we can be here today and gone tomorrow. One day the house we live in will be lived in by someone else. Our possessions will either be divided by our remaining family, others will be donated to agencies or charities, and others even thrown away. Our car will be sold and driven by someone else. We all know this because we experienced all this with our love ones possessions.

What death has taught me is that life is short. Actually very short and we really don't know just how long we have here on earth. Our hearts are in pain. They will forever be in that pain and I believe it is part of the experience here on this earth plane.

But we can also learn to balance our live's. For me having seen my husband lose his life in just three weeks after being diagnosed with cancer has made me realize that although I have days that I mourn his loss it has also put into perspective my life. My purpose.

It may not seem like that right now to many of you. But we are all still here for a reason. And we all have a purpose.

We are born.

We live.

We die.

But it is what we do in that in - between that counts the most.

How did we Live?

How much did we Laugh?

And how much did we Love?

When I lost my husband It was the most devastating event I had ever experience. But in other ways, I have grown so much from that experience. Don't get me wrong. I would want my life back in an instant. But I now see how this journey in which I am still on has helped me become a better person.

I have learned that I can cry and mourn my husband. But I don't allow my pain to control my life. I have learned that life is short and I don't what to live sad all the time.

I want to LIVE,

I want to LAUGH,

and I want to LOVE.

Because I am not guaranteed tomorrow.

I want that for all my Widows and Widowers out there. I am here to tell you it is possible. Whether you are alone, I get that. But you still have life left inside of you if you look deep down. Don't feel bad because you smile, laugh or even felt good for that moment. It's Ok to feel Good..

Do the things you enjoy the most.

Find your happy!

What brings you joy?

We are still here for a reason, the events in our live's are not tragedies although it may seem that way at the time. But if we look at them and see the messages between the lines. We can see lessons along the way. If we are all here to learn then we must experience hard times too. For every bad experience, we grow stronger than we were before.

I love you all... We are all bonded in this journey together. I urge all of you to look within yourself and find "Your Happy".

I know it will not be easy. I understand that. But do try.

We are only here for a limited time. I believe we will all see them again one day. In the meantime balance your life. Give your Grief the time it deserves. But also, allow your soul to be filled with love and joy each day.

Live...As if there was no tomorrow.

Laugh..So much that your belly aches.

Love..Unconditionally and without fear.

May God Bless You All, And May He Give You The Strength To Continue Each Day.

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