You Matter !

As this coming new year begins, I would like to say this to all my friends out there. To those in the midst of grief, to those struggling with their daily live's. To those, that feel that there is nothing worthwhile to live for.

You came into this world an innocent baby, gentle and sweet with no traumas in your life. As your life developed and you grew older and you experienced events that have made you feel like you should have never been born. You may feel useless in what you do every day. Your life may feel lonely and mundane. Your world is not what you expected it to be... But I am here to tell you this...YOU MATTER !!

You are an original. there is nobody like you in this world. And all that you are and all that you have been through up to now was there to help you grow and evolve. YOU MATTER.. because you were that special sperm that raced to fight all the others to be born into this world. YOU MATTER.. because you are here for a purpose and a reason.

YOU MATTER..because no one thinks like you, no one has your ideas, you are a genius in your own right.

You are special...You are unique in every way...Take a look in the mirror and don't look at your flaws. Look at the beauty of your soul. Look into your eyes that help you see each day the sun.. Take a moment to see all the little things you do. Starting from the way you take care of your children, your grandchildren, your furry family. YOU MATTER to all of them.

To each and every day the people that you work with. The people you talk to in the streets...Think of how many times we find out that someone we did not even know very well..maybe the person that worked in the deli department at your supermarket.. and when you find out they passed. Think of your reaction...Think about your reaction to similar circumstances to the one I am mentioning. How we missed that person..A person that we did not even know very well.Yet.. They are missed... You know why? Because they just like YOU MATTER !!

Your mistakes are nothing more then lessons life has taught you..

Your wrinkles are due to a life that you have lived..Embrace them all.. Embrace each flaw that you have.. Because.. YOU MATTER !!

Every one of us has a story to tell. Every one of us has been hit with difficulties and traumas in this journey we call life. But there is a reason we are all here..

Your story is to be told...Your ideas and your passions need to be shared..You are important. You are here for a reason...You are worthy of your life.


Let yourself shine this new year !! I love you all...

Don't die with your music still inside... Go out there ....Experiment New Things. Take on New Adventures...Do things that scare you...Think outside that box...Travel to places you wanted to visit...Start that business you been wanting to do...Paint that picture you have been yearning to paint....

Life is a train ride full of adventures..and If you don't jump on that train while you can you will miss out on all the opportunities and experiences along the way. Don't miss the train....



May God Bless You All!

Peace & Love,


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