Tips On Surviving Valentine's Day

Ok here we go again. Those hearts begin to appear everywhere. The " I Love You " cards are in your face. You can't even go to the supermarket without passing by tons of cards and chocolate boxes.

Your heart skips a beat because you remember that once you were that special person to someone. And that you had a special person in your life to buy stuff for. In an instant sadness takes over your heart. Your eyes are filled with tears. And there you are surrounded by many people as they shop for that special card and gift to give to their love one.

Once again it is in our face and we are reminded that we are alone and widowed. Yeah..could cupid just take that knife and stab me in the back and take me out of my misery ! You then wipe your eyes in a matter so that others wont see that you are crying. You continue to pass that aisle in a hurry as if you were leaving a house on fire. You try to make a mental note to yourself and say.. I must remember to use the other door so that I dont have to see this, or maybe say I wont come here until after this dreadful day has passed.

So then you go home and turn on the TV. And of course there is ..Every Kiss Begins With Kay........ Really ? Did I just not leave my supermarket like it was on fire only to get home turn on my TV set in my own house and get reminded all over again.

So finally the day arrives..You tell yourself I am not going anywhere, I don't want to see those couples having fun...I will say home... Ok.. so you say let me log into my computer. So the minute you log into your Facebook page you see all your "couple friends" showing pictures of their gifts, smiles on their faces and writing about the day and how they are spending it together..

Really ? Is there any respit from Valentines Day ????

Well I have been there. And know the feeling of just wanted to spend that day in bed and under the covers. But there are several things you can do to get through this day. Here are some ideas. Choose the one that best fits you.

#1) First of all lets talk about what this day is about's about love !

Now me being a spiritual person that I am I believe that my hubby is still with me. Yes, he may not be with my physically ( which truly sucks) but I know he is with me in spirit. I also know that he loves me just the same as he did here on earth and that he lives inside my heart forever. So why not celebrate the love we have for them ? We may be widows and widowers but just because we don't have them here with us does not mean that we are not still loved by someone. And that they will forever hold our hearts. Granted they can't buy us gifts, take us out to dinner, or make love to us that night. But we can find a way to honor the love we have for them.

Here are Several Ways..

Buy them a card. I have done that myself.

Write a Poem for them.

Light a candle in their name.

Put on their favorite item of cloth or scent.

Make their favorite meal.

Tell stories to friends about them.

#2) Now let's talk about ourselves. Again this day is about love..How about spending one whole day on loving YOU ! It is very important as widows and widowers that we take care of ourselves. That person that we had that would be there for us, looking after us, making sure we eat right, get the rest we need.. Well that person is no longer there. And I am sure many of you reading this have not been taking the best care of your Mind, Body and Spirit. I know I did not after he died. So how about using this day on YOU !

Here are Several Ways..

Have a Spa Day.

If money is tight .. Give yourself a Manicure and Pedicure !

Give yourself a bubble bath.

Go get yourself a brand new hair style !

Relax,order out for food delivery.

Buy yourself flowers.

Buy a nice bottle of wine.

Go shopping... Get yourself a nice handbag, shoes, dress !

**Anything that is going to pamper YOU**

3) If being by yourself is something you are not looking forward to. I recommend calling up a single friend.

Here are some ideas to spend the day with your friend.

Go to lunch together. I say lunch because most restaurants that night will be filled with couples celebrating.

Stay home and watch a movie.. Not a couple type of movie. But a girlfriends type of movie such as Thelma and Louise, Headbangers Sisters, Beaches..

Go shopping together.

Buy that "girlfriend" that has been there for you a gift. Let her know how much you love her.

Make that night an all "Girls Night" with your friends and enjoy a stay over that night.

Play a game.

Now I will mention places to stay away from:

Restuarants (Mostly at Night )

Movie Theatres.

Stay away from Facebook that day. Your "couple" friends will be posting about their day. You may be able to unfollow the "lovebird" friends that you have and then after Valentines you can click on the follow buttton again. As much as you love them you don't need another reminder of the great day they may be having.

Just remember however you choose to spend this day that just because your love one is not here physically here does not mean that they are not loving you from up above.

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