Grief...My Blessing

They say that when you lose someone you love your heart is broken forever. The pain tears you insides out. The loneliness can bring you to your knees and paralyze you. Seems like everything you do, every move you take is a memory that is with you every second of the day.

It feels like you are swimming in an ocean..You see others swimming by your side...they are fine, actually enjoying the gift of life. Yet you are trying to hang on to every breath you take..Days feel like an eternity. And when you are just hanging on there comes a wave that takes you to almost the bottom of the ocean floor.

The veil between life and death is so fragile. Our life can be taken in an instant. And the pain we feel is truly the price we pay for love.

As time passes..Your pain becomes less...You manage to swim a little better.. And even when the waves hit you seem to know how to ride them better then before..

Over time you actually begin to enjoy life again..but your pain is never far away..It is like a shadow that follows you where ever you go..and you may not be aware that it is there but under the right circumstances it can appear once again.

People that don't understand will say's time to get over your's time to move on.... We look at them and try to explain..but most of the time it is useless to even begin to try.

But what I like to tell them is this...I don't ever want my Grief to fully go away...You see, Grief is a part of life...This does not mean that I don't enjoy my life and live every moment to the fullest and as happy as I can possibly be. No, of course, not.

But what Grief means is that you have loved... And still Love...You Love so hard and so much that without that person in your life there is a part of you missing forever... That your heart is broken and will never fully heal...And in a way what a beautiful thing that is.....To have such a connection with another human being that made you feel this much.

To never Grieve....Would have meant that you never Loved... It would mean that I never had a person in my life that showed me the meaning of LOVE.

So I tell everyone My Grief Is A Blessing.... Yes, a Blessing... Please.... don't feel sorrow for me, Please.... don't feel pity for me... My pain is a part of life... My Grief...Is really a Blessing...

For Without It I would of never known the meaning of LOVE...

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