Please Don't Tell Me How To Be A Widow

If You Don't Have Kids..

You Can't Truly Know How To Parent.

If You Don't Have A Drivers License..

You Can't Really Know What It Is To Drive.

If You Have Not Lost A Husband..

Then Please Don't Tell Me How To Grieve.

If You Come Home To A House Full Of Noise And People In It..

You Can't Understand What It Feels Like To Walk Into An Empty House.

Don't Tell Me That I Will Get Over This...

As If I Have A Sickness..

Don't Tell Me To Move On...Because The Fact Is I Never Will..

Don't Tell Me How To Be A Widow..

Unless You Walk In My Shoes..

And If The Time Comes And I Fall In Love Again...

Don't Judge Me - And Tell Me I Don't Love My Husband..

Don't Tell Me I Am Moving Too Fast.


You Don't Know My Pain..

You Don't Live Inside My Heart.

I Am Living Each Day The Best That I Can..

Surving Each Moment Of My Life..

Making Decisions And Learning Everyday..

So Don't Tell Me How To Be A Widow...

Unless You Are Truly One Yourself.

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