Don't Play The Victim Role, Play The Hero !

Life is all about exploration. Life is all about the journey. After my husband's death in 2012, nothing has astonished me more than this journey. It has definitely been a revelation of examining myself and my purpose here in this world. I sometimes find it so hard to believe that it will soon be four years since his death.

I feel that this journey has been an evolution of myself. That I am still growing and exploring who I am. My website's name is Finding Yourself After Loss. I believe the name could not be better suited for me and for many who have gone through this type of loss. For me, every day has brought me to an introduction of a "new" me. Or maybe one that was there always but never came out. I have come to the conclusion that his passing was part of my journey in discovering more of me.

I always like to write my feelings and emotions in the hopes that it helps someone. Right now I am going through a difficult time in my life trying to balance between my Passion and my Necessities.

I love where I work but it is not my passion or where I find my bliss. My passion and bliss come from helping others. I don't care about being famous. I don't care about being rich. But I believe that my path is to help and inspire others in this journey. Not because I am any better than anyone. But more so because if I can survive this journey anyone can.

I know one day in the near future I will devote 100% of myself to helping others. I may even write several books about my journey and evolution. But till then I refuse to live my life motionlessly. I refuse to live my life as a victim of my circumstances.

Three years ago I followed what my soul was telling me. I also followed my heart. Eight months after my husband passed away I left my home, my job, and my home state. I took a huge leap of faith. But I knew I was following my own path and destiny.

Many nights and days I have played the victim role. I have screamed Why Me !! from the top of my lungs. Why did this have to happen to me !! My life became stagnant. It is O.K. to grieve, it is O.K. to cry, but there is a difference between letting out your pain and grief and living a life motionless. Life is very similar to a muscle if we don't move it if we don't stretch it our muscles becomes atrophied.

In life, we have to move. In life we have to stretch ourselves. It is sometimes the acts that scare us the most in which becomes our greatest teachers and accomplishments.

I have refused to live a life that is motionless.

With every movie, there is always a character which is full of fear and very scared. And we find out that the character that had the most fear inside of them turns out to be the hero at the end of the movie.

We are all that character. We are all scared and fearful. But if we look within ourselves we will find we are the Hero in our movie.

There is a story about a Buddhist temple that had a golden statue. The Buddhist in the temple knew that they were about to be invaded. So they took that Budda and covered it with mud and clay in order to hide the gold from showing. Years later the Buddhist were finally able to regain control back of their temple. At this point, many generations have gone by and they had all forgotten that the Budda was actually made of gold. All they saw was a Buddha made of mud and clay. Till one day a little boy was playing next to the Buddha and he saw something shiny from the Buddha's hand. As he looked closer he saw that the mud had been evaporating and that it was revealing the gold underneath. For a very long time, everyone thought the Buddha was made out of mud until one day the revelation of what the Buddha was really made of became known.

The fact is we are all that Buddha. Our fears cover us with the mud. When in fact, if we let the mud (fear) dissolve we find out we are actually made out of Gold.

Each one of us plays a role in our movie (our life) . But it is up to us to play the role of victim or hero. We all hold the fear that the character has. We see ourselves in that character. But we also cheer for that character as it evolves and finds out for themselves that they actually the Hero in that storyline.

You are that Hero ! You are that Golden Buddha !

Find in life your passion..Find what gives you Bliss. You may not know it right now and that is O.K. It's not about knowing it right away. It's more about exploring who you are. Remember sometimes it's not about arriving at the destination...but enjoying the journey.

For me, I am still enjoying the journey. I still wake up and find something new about myself. Right now I am at a crossroads in my life. I find that my passion is pulling me more and more each day to taking a risk and leaving security behind.

But remember whatever you do. Don't become motionless. Don't play the role of the Victim. Do things outside the box. Do that one thing that scares you the most ! I know I have and in the end, it has been my greatest accomplishments.

God Bless You All !

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